Southern California University

of Alternative and Complimentary Healthcare

Van Chong

Van has been and always will be a seeker of the truth. Her understanding nature with compassion serves her purpose for this life. She has been challenged from as far as she can remember but has always made it through shinier and brighter.

Her conscious spiritual journey truly started again at the age of 25, since then she has experienced more than she could ever hope. After finding the The Healing shoppe (Transformed to S.C.U.A.C.H.) a few years ago she finally had the courage to change her life. She now, is transforming every day for the better.

The change started with Reiki, which healed her. Her attunement, gave her the courage to practice it. She enjoys the healing power of Reiki and loves the healing ability of Spirit and Spirit within herself. 

Van is a Seeker, a Soul Traveler, a Student and a Teacher. Her major is in psychology and thrives on learning all methods of healing, including Hypnotherapy. 

She is a human living through her human experiences, wishing to make herself and the world a happier, better place.

 Blessings, Peace and Love.