Southern California University

Suzzane, brings a gentle approach to healing and realization. Lessons are shown with gentleness and non-judgement. She loves deeply and wants the best for herself and others. Through Hypnotherapy she can guide in a way that loving kindness is wanted, for self-healing. Her happiness and humor make your day a little brighter. Her greatest gift is guiding the Inner Child with Grace and loving Kindness.

As she would say about herself:

        I would like to introduce myself and give you a brief insight into myself, my path and purpose. Life is a School, a Journey. Everyone and Everything has a purpose and a meaning. We ae a student and teacher at any given time. Have you ever experienced, a loss, heartbreak, struggles both emotionally/physically, loneliness, and insecurities? Well I have, you are not alone. My journey from confusion of darkness and awareness of light has enabled me to be filled with, compassion, empathy, understanding of self, with non-judgement. I am constantly growing and expanding my heart giving me the ability to approach others with love and kindness. My path for years has been to educate myself with many different modalities both spiritually and scientifically, to help others gain a greater understanding of Self. These tools assist in moving them from brokenness to wholeness. Allow me to share my tools with you and walk alongside you and your path of self-awareness and knowledge. Together we will uncover what YOU want and YOU will move forward with solutions that will work specifically with you. I would love to share my cutting edge, affective techniques to heal and help you create a sense of wholeness within. 

Suzanne Hawkins

of Alternative and Complimentary Healthcare