of Alternative and Complimentary Healthcare

Southern California University

After many years working in the Aerospace and Technology industries, Robert decided to pursue his passion for helping people by becoming a licensed nurse. Spending time with patients both in recovery and patients in hospice, Robert noticed that medications only treated symptoms and brought many harmful side effects to his patients. During his years as a nurse Robert realized that the approach of western medicine was not suitable for him. The idea of empathy over sympathy, which is taught in western medicine, did not sit well with Robert's nature, a sympathetic being who cannot simply treat someone with out real care, Robert then felt the need for a different approach to healing.
After spending time researching and learning about more holistic approaches to health, Robert came across Reiki and learned of the benefits it has on the mental and physical aspects of the body. Robert’s practice is founded on the belief that a combination of Eastern and Western medicine along with good nutrition is the key to total healing. The human body needs care and maintenance and so does the soul. Now as a practitioner Robert has seen that through Reiki, clients can achieve mental and spiritual balance which facilitates the physical to heal.

Robert Ceja