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Internationally know hypnotherapist  Rick McFall is known for his no nonsense approach to all self help issues. He is a master at helping clients deal with their main issue, to obtain permanent results. He has developed his own unique methods of hypnotherapy, and not only uses them with clients, but also teaches them to other hypnotherapists from across the country and around the world.

Mr. McFall is the founder of United Hypnotherapy and -- the fastest growing hypnosis related website on the planet. He is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and teacher of hypnotherapy as well as Reiki Master/Teacher and practitioner, EFT practitioner trainer, and Energy Healing Practitioner. He holds advanced training certificates in Energy Healing, Reiki, Past Life Regression, and Clinical Hypnotherapy, among other certifications. Rick is the sole healer using Lavender Ray Healing Techniques.  Rick developed the Lavender Ray Healing and performs those public healings about once a quarter.  These healings are well attended and many people have been miraculously healed of a wide variety of pains and illnesses after having been touched by Rick when he is in a healing trance.

In addition to his activities at The Healing Shoppe, Mr. McFall is an author of "The 4 Questions That Will Change Your Life: Start Living The Life You Want in 24 Hours or Less"  and a large number of Guided Meditation and Subliminal Self Help Audio Recordings available through his retail website .

Rick sees clients at The Healing Shoppe, holds seminars and workshops on many different topics, and still enjoys teaching hypnotherapy, Reiki, EFT, Crystal Healing and other new age practices. He is a CD producer and recording artist with numerous self help hypnosis and subliminal audio.  His CDs can be purchased in our store, and his MP3s can be downloaded at .

Hypnotherapy uses hypnotic techniques to bring about beneficial changes. Utilizing states of deep relaxation, the therapist assists in uncovering and exploring memories, emotions and past events which may affect a person's conscious mind and activating the client's inner resources in order to achieve the desired goals. It is used to treat numerous medical and psychological problems. Hypnotic techniques are useful to stop smoking, overcome alcohol and substance abuse, treating stress, sleep disorders and mental health problems such as anxiety, fear, phobias and depression.

Rick McFall

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