Cost: Level 1 - $50, 
Cost: Level 2 - $150   (Level 1 & 2 combined is $200)
Cost: Level 3 & 4 (Master/Master Teacher) Combined $295 

Whatever level of Reiki Practitioner Certification you need, this is the class for you.

We teach a single 6 hour class that includes all levels. Everyone who is interested in Reiki Certification Training will attend the same class regardless of the level they need.  Everyone will start at 9:00am, and groups will be separated out depending on the levels they are being attuned to.

All students may take level 1 and 2 together if they like. If you got your previous training somewhere else for Level 1 or Level 2, you must bring your certificate with you from that school in order to receive credit or to serve as a pre-requisite for any higher levels.

The only thing you cannot do for yourself or through self-study in Reiki is attune yourself. We do that for you plus give you some basic pointers.  Most of the class time will be spent giving and receiving Reiki treatments with your classmates.  
LEVEL 1 is for people who have never done Reiki and want to be able to heal themselves and perhaps pets.  You can heal other people as well, but for that, you really should take Reiki LEVEL 2.

LEVEL 2 can be taken concurrently with Level 1. It is for people who are more serious about healing and who want to perhaps become a paid Reiki Practitioner or who want to learn how to do distance healing or healing across time and space.  Most people opt to become a Level 2 practitioner. 

LEVEL 3 & 4 is also referred to as Master (level 3) and Master/Teacher (level 4).  This is for people who want to eventually teach Reiki to others or who want to use everything that Reiki has to offer.  Reiki Masters can pass attunements which means to initiate people into becoming an energy healer. These levels of Reiki require Reiki 1 & 2 as a prerequisite.  You may take all 4 Reiki levels in one day as lCost: Level 1 - $50, 
Cost: Level 2 - $150   (Level 1 & 2 combined is $200)
Cost: Level 3 & 4 (Master/Master Teacher) Combined $295 

AS ALWAYS, Alumni can attend these classes again at no charge.  We have people who attend every month the classes are offered just to touch base and get a "tune up".  Please let us know when you RSVP that you are attending as an alumni.


Southern California University

Reiki Practitioner Certification Program

of Alternative and Complimentary Healthcare