of Alternative and Complimentary Healthcare

Southern California University

Seeking personal growth? Perhaps a new career?

Become a Certified Personal Growth Facilitator here at the Southern California College of Hypnotherapy.


Your instructor will be Suzanne Hawkins, a Clinical Certified Hypnotherapist. 

Suzanne is known for her expertise in INNER CHILD emotional wellness.

Her passion is facilitating groups and workshops, which combine knowledge, purpose, direction and clarity simultaneously.

This class is taught with heartfelt compassion, that will change your perspective on yourself and your children immensely.

Course content includes:

  • Discovering your Inner Child.
  • Navigating your journey of self acceptance in a modern world.
  • Uncovering and dissolving the Guilt and Shame that binds us.
  • How to build healthy and interdependent relationships.
  • Learning and discussing the Four Questions.
  • Taking turns facilitating a Personal Growth Group.
  • Adjusting life's perceptions from a Wide to Narrow, focused path.
  • Learn different multidimensional tools of facilitating various groups.

Orientation classes will be held the Fourth Saturday every month from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm,

covering the below topics:

  • The FOUR questions,
  • The subtle art of EMBEDDING, 
  • The Eriksonian Theories of psychosocial development.

Course Tuition total is $2500.00 payable in monthly payments of $200.00 plus $100 for the orientation and registration.

There is a $100 discount for paying the full tuition up front (Pay $2400 in one lump sum).

All payments must be completed prior to graduation, no refunds are offered on any payments made if a student withdraws or does not complete the training for any reason