Become a Certified Master Crystal Healer at The Southern California College of Crystal Healing.  Start a new exciting career as a Master Crystal Healer. Learn new techniques to expand your current skills and services for your career. Find out the benefits in working with the energy of crystals to heal yourself and others. Discover how to utilize crystals to improve all aspects of your life. During this course you will become a facilitator of healing for yourself and others on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Crystal intuitive, Bobby Sayegh, will guide you on a healing spiritual journey that will catapult your soul to a whole new level.


In this class you will learn and experience:

  • The healing power of crystals
  • How to sense the energy of crystals
  • How Crystal Healing Works
  • Meditation with Crystals
  • Working with your crystals: choosing, cleansing, energizing, dedicating and caring for your crystals
  • Programming crystals
  • How different cultures in history have utilized the power of crystals
  • Step by Step How to Perform a Complete Crystal Healing Session
  • Treating yourself and others with crystals
  • Placing crystals on yourself and others
  • Treating pets & plants
  • All about the aura & chakras
  • Making a crystal bath, grids and elixirs
  • Creating a sacred space
  • Crystals for home & office
  • Client Management, ethics and forms

Bobby Sayegh is on staff as an instructor at The Southern California College of Crystal Healing. Bobby is a practitioner at The Healing Shoppe and is a Crystal Healer, Crystal Intuitive, Reiki Teaching Master and Advanced Pranic Healer. He has studied Crystal and Energy Healing, Meditation and Spirituality from master healers around the world.

About the Master Crystal Healer Training Program

Prior to attending the evening class, students must complete either the level 1 Crystal Healing class or the 8 hour Crystal Healing Orientation with Bobby Sayegh. Students can attend the orientation class any month, and then begin attending the following Wednesday, joining students in the current class. The class includes 200 hours of training, 50 weeks long, It is held every Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

Orientations are held monthly at The Healing Shoppe

Tuition is $2500 with monthly payments of $250 due on the first Wednesday of every month for 10 consecutive months. The orientation is 8 hours long and costs $100 (included in your first payment of $250).  Students who have taken the level 1 Crystal Healer course may obtain credit for hours and tuition paid towards this course upon request.  The Level 1 class can serveas the orientation, and students who take the level 1 class are not required to take the Master Crystal Healer orientation.

All payments must be completed prior to graduation, and no refunds are offered on any payments made if a student withdraws or does not complete the training for any reason.

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