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Lavender Ray Healing - The Most Powerful Healing on the Planet
Check the calendar page for dates.  These sessions are currently free to everyone who shows up!

WHAT IS LAVENDER RAY HEALING:Lavender Ray Healing is a powerful, divine energy healing that is performed only by Rick McFall. It benefits anyone and everyone. Young and old. Healthy and ailing. It heals at every level of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

It is a transmission of divine healing energy that most people FEEL sometimes as soon as they enter into the healing presence that is created and held by Rick McFall in the room where the healing takes place. Before anyone enters into the healing room, Rick enters a trance state where he focuses on bringing a powerful lavender healing energy into the room.

This energy is then molded into a "healing presence" that nurtures and stimulates healing in anyone who even enters the healing room. This healing presence then surrounds each person in the room, and as they are brought one by one in front of Rick, he brings an even more powerful energy into the person sitting in front of him. This energy is transmitted into the person not only through Rick's touch, but also through his gaze.

WHAT BENEFITS DO PEOPLE REPORT? People report to us that during their healing, all of their pains become "activated" as the divine healing energy moves through them rooting out all the areas that need to be healed. Soon after, however, the pain subsides and fades as the healing continues. It has also been reported that the healing effects continue to lessen pains and heal ailments for several days. The elimination of pain is permanent as is the healing of ailments whether they are physical, emotional or otherwise. People report the cessation of heart palpitations and the permanent healing of heart conditions.

WHAT ELSE MAY HAPPEN?Though Rick is able to handle the huge amounts of healing energy that are passing through him and into you, it may affect you in various ways. You may find you are a bit dizzy after your healing. You may also feel a buzzing or the sensation that you are lighter. Please sit and share your experience for a while after your healing also drink plenty of water, and eat light for the rest of the day.

HOW DID LAVENDER REY HEALING START?Behind the healing, there is not only an incredible story of inspiration, but there is convincing evidence of divine intervention to ensure that Lavender Ray Healing was not only brought into reality, but that it would be offered freely to anyone and everyone who wants or needs it. Rick's desire to be a healer started when he was a child. When Rick was in 5th grade, he broke his arm in a fall from a horse. Later, when his arm was itching inside his cast and beyond the reach of any means of scratching it, his grandfather laid his hands on the cast and successfully banished the itching.

Years later, when training to become a hypnotherapist, Rick took training to become a Reiki Practitioner, and then soon after healing dozens of people with Reiki, he became a Reiki Master. Rick further studied energy healing and is an EFT practitioner, Aka Dua Practitioner, and has become familiar with many other forms of energy healing by experiencing and studying them. There is Karuna Reiki, Pranic healing, Shamanic energy manipulation and more.

All told, Rick has a natural affinity to manipulating all of these types of energy into an amazing healing session. He "gets it" with the energies. He understands how they move and how they combine and compliment each other. He instinctually guides these energies and naturally channels or transmits all the healing energies possible as the Lavender Rey Healing to heal whatever needs to be healed in each and every person that comes before him.

Rick didn't choose this path of healing lightly. Infact he didn't choose it at all - it was chosen for him. It happened one night when Rick was in the midst of personal and professional turmoil. He had suffered some personal upsets and was trying to figure out which area of his professional life he should follow. There were three choices.

1.Build his hypnotherapy practice & put his efforts into getting new clients.

2.Focus on getting students for the Hypnotherapy Certification Program.

3.Focus on the (as yet) un-named healing he had started doing.

Rick already knew how to do the first two, but kept feeling that there needed to be something done with the healing. As he thought more about it, he had a vision of himself in Eastern garb with a turban, gown and sandals. He started to look for the clothes on the internet and found out that the shirt is called a Kurta and the pants are called Churidars. He looked online to see if he could buy them and became quite frustrated and was unable to find any locally or that he could order, try on and return if the didn't fit. His frustration level built even more to the point that he couldn't decide on ANY of the 3 paths to follow.

He thought to himself that he just wanted a "sign" of what he needed to do. Should he just concentrate on his private practice, his school, or the healings? It was 4:30am by the time Rick went to bed frustrated and wanting an answer.

The next morning Rick woke up and went to check his email and Facebook. On Facebook was a message from someone he seldom if ever talked to. It was a casual acquaintance with whom he hadn't spoken for probably more than a year. When Rick read her message, he got chills. She wrote that the last night she had a dream about Rick, and that it was so strong she had to write to him about it. In the dream, she saw him standing among people. He was wearing robes and a turban, and he was healing people.

As the goose-bumps continued, Rick realized that the healing had to be his main thrust as he moved forward, and out of the air, the name Lavender Rey Healing came to him. The name of the healing clarified many things in Rick's mind such as the thoughts of purple, violet and lavender clouds of energy that appeared to him in his mind. They later would become large pillars of lavender energy that he used to build a "fortress" of safety and healing each time he performed the Lavender Rey Healing. It was Easter Sunday when Rick went to Artesia, California (Also known as Little India) where he found the perfect robes and turban in which to perform his healings. The first public healing took place on Mother's Day 2012 and has been going on ever since.
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Lavender Ray Healing

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Lavender Ray Healing