of Alternative and Complimentary Healthcare

Southern California University

Jeff Williams

Jeffery Williams is an elementary school teacher in the Ontario Montclair School District, where he has taught for the last 18 years. He has a lifelong interest in mind-body-spirit and has studied religions, philosophy, shamanism, yoga, martial arts, mythology, psychology, energy healing, alternative medicine for the last 30 years. Jeff has always been drawn towards helping people in need and finally found his calling as a Pranic Healer. 

Jeff became introduced to Pranic Healing by reading a book written by Choa Kok Sui, the modern founder of Pranic Healing.  Jeff attended a  free pranic healing clinic and was amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the healing he received. Jeff was soon relieved of his chronic headaches and neck/back pain through pranic healing treatments. He brought his wife and son to the healing clinics and they experienced amazing healings, as well. In 2011, Jeff took a Level One Pranic Healing Course and started providing free healings on a weekly basis in the communities of Claremont and Rancho Cucamonga. Jeff is committed to being competent healer and has taken over 400 hours of pranic healing training. He has facilitated hundreds of healings, with great results. 

Jeff is a disciple of Master Stephen Co, one of the world’s leading pranic healing masters. Jeff is also an Arhatic Yogi, practicing higher meditations, exercises, and virtuous living in order to accelerate and enhance his healing abilities. Jeff was recently approved by Master Co to teach Pranic Healing introductory workshops and is in training to be an instructor of Pranic Healing Level One classes in the near future. Jeff has been blessed to facilitate transformational healings in many lives and welcomes you to experience the loving and peaceful power of Pranic Healing. Jeff also invites you to join him in his pranic healing introductory workshops in which you can learn to use pranic energy to heal yourself, your loved ones,  and your relationships, to improve your finances and success, and bring more peace and balance into your life.

“I am confident that I can help you.”- Jeff  

”Jeff is a lovely person who genuinely cares about people and helping them. I am blessed to have met him and I highly recommend him for he is a healer who operates from a place of sincerity and compassion.”   -H.H. (a client)