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Intuitive & Psychic Guidance

Intuitive & Psychic Counselors

Intuitive, or psychic, readings are for the purpose of giving you more clarity for your life situations. We all have daily stresses (good and bad) as well as decisions with which we are faced regarding love, relationships, career, money, health, and others. A reader's intuitive abilities can help guide you in the direction which will lead you to the highest good and the most fulfilling position for your life path. The reading helps you to get in touch with your heart centered inner knowing; the knowledge that is already within you, but needs to be reflected out into the world to be known.

Tarot or Angel cards may be used, as well as other divination methods, but our intuitive readers choose to mostly rely on Spirit to channel the appropriate messages that you need to hear.​ Sometimes intuitive readings can spontaneously become mediumship readings if loved ones decide to come through and impart wisdom and knowledge to help you make decisions and weather life's trials. Intuitive readings can range from 15 to 90 minutes in length, depending on what topics need to be addressed. Call The Healing Shoppe for time and availability of readers for this type of reading.

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