Southern California University


We have some of the most qualified hypnotherapists anywhere. Our own Rick McFall is an internationally known hypnotherapist and is the Director of The Southern California College of Hypnotherapy (SCCH) which is also on site at The Healing Shoppe. He is on the cutting edge of the self help hypnosis industry and has developed many methods which are helping people across he country and around the world. We have graduates from SCCH, as well as interns from our advanced clinical program that trains hypnotherapists in advanced methods of hypnotherapy above and beyond the basic SCCH certification.

Hypnotherapy uses hypnotic techniques to bring about beneficial changes. Utilizing states of deep relaxation, the therapist assists in uncovering and exploring memories, emotions and past events which may affect a person's conscious mind and activating the client's inner resources in order to achieve the desired goals. It is used to treat numerous medical and psychological problems. Hypnotic techniques are useful to stop smoking, overcome alcohol and substance abuse, treating stress, sleep disorders and mental health problems such as anxiety, fear, phobias and depression.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

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